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Canon puts three new cameras on its 'A'-list

Canon announced three new additions to its PowerShot A-series of digital cameras.

Canon PowerShot A590 IS
Canon USA

Canon unveiled today three new budget-priced additions to its PowerShot A-series line of point-and-shoot cameras. Two of the models offer basic shooting for $150 or less, while one packs exposure controls and optical stabilization into a sub-$200 package.

The PowerShot A590 IS stands out as the only new A-series PowerShot camera to include optical image stabilization. The 8-megapixel shooter features a 35mm- to 140mm-equivalent, f/2.6-5.5 4x zoom lens that Canon claims can gain up to three stops with its stabilization system. Like previous high-end A-series Canons, the A590 IS supports additional converter lenses to boost the camera's zoom by 1.75x, give it a 0.7x wide-angle shot, or enhance its macrophotography. It also offers full manual exposure controls, including aperture and shutter priority modes, giving more experienced users much more flexibility when shooting.

At about $30 less than the A590 IS, the PowerShot A580 features nearly identical hardware as the A590, but with a slimmed-down feature set. It keeps the same 8-megapixel resolution and 4x optical zoom lens as the A590 IS, but forgoes the optical stabilization system and accessory lens compatibility. Worse yet for skilled users, it lacks the A590 IS' manual exposure controls.

The 7-megapixel PowerShot A470 sits at the bottom of the pile, featuring both the smallest price tag and the least impressive stats. It incorporates a 38mm- to 132mm-equivalent, f/3.0-5.8 3.4x optical zoom lens, and the same basic control options as the A580. On the bright side, the A470 comes in blue, red, orange, and gray versions, offering users more fashion options than the higher-end A-series cameras.

All three new cameras are scheduled to ship in March. The A590 IS and A580 will retail for about $180 and $150, respectively. The A470 will have a suggested retail price of $130.