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Canon prototypes G3 X, large-sensor megazoom camera

The G3 X is slated to have a 1-inch sensor and a 25x zoom lens.

The PowerShot G3 X prototype. Canon

Canon didn't provide much useful information about the prototype of a G3 X that it plans to display at CP+ 2015: 1-inch sensor and 24-600mm zoom 25x lens.

In the absence of price, lens aperture specs or ship date there isn't a lot one can say about this. Given the Canon's traditional nomenclature, it should fit between the G7 X and the G1 X Mark II in the product line, but that would put the price between $700 and $800 and I highly doubt it will be that inexpensive unless Canon put a really slow lens on it, or unless it waited to ship it at the same time as a higher priced G1 X M2 replacement. The latter came out in June 2014, so I'd expect to see a new model around summertime this year.

I can tell you what I think it needs in order to be a great camera: better performance than Canon has been putting in its latest G series models. If it does, and Canon manages to build the camera with G7 X-level image quality, then I'm really looking forward to this one.