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Canon offers Dual Pixel AF upgrade for C100 cameras

The cinema camera will be eligible for an upgrade that adds autofocus during video recording, the same feature found on the consumer-grade 70D.

One of Canon's cinema cameras will get an update that brings continuous autofocus to video recording.

(Credit: Canon)

The upgrade, which will be available for Australian C100 owners from February 2014, is an interesting addition for a professional-grade cinema camera. Normally, updates are delivered over firmware that owners can install for themselves. This particular update requires sending the C100 directly to Canon to add the feature.

Dual Pixel AF is a new technology from Canon first seen in the EOS 70D. It splits each pixel on the sensor into two parts: they compare signals using phase-detection autofocus and then the entire pixel captures light in order to create the image. This differs from the regular Hybrid AF systems on other Canon cameras that simply use contrast and phase detection in tandem.

Canon has said that the Dual Pixel system on the C100 has been tweaked specifically for the cinema camera, optimised for video use to give natural focusing results.

This continuous autofocus capability will be available for all EF lenses. The update will also double the one-shot AF speed. It will cost US$500 in the United States, with local pricing yet to be revealed. Check back in February 2014 on Canon's Australian website to find out about service times and prices.