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Canon introduces entry-level pro camcorder

The XA10 is a souped up version of the new Vixia HF G10 equipped with a handle, XLR inputs, and other features geared toward professionals.

Canon USA

LAS VEGAS--Along with the announcement of a new "prosumer" camcorder, the Vixia HF G10, Canon announced a version of the product targeted at professionals. The XA10 seems to be identical to the G10, but comes with a detachable handle that includes dual XLR inputs, audio switches, an infrared light, tally lamp, removable microphone holder, zoom and record switches, and an accessory shoe (though the G10 has a shoe, it looks like the handle attaches to it, so the handle gives you another shoe).

It's not clear whether at some point you'll be able to upgrade the G10 with the handle or whether you've got to buy the whole thing at once. The XA10 will cost $1,999 (compared to $1,499 for the G10) and is scheduled to ship in March.