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Canon exec likes Microsoft photo format

Microsoft has won over ally at camera maker Canon for HD Photo, an image format the software company is promoting as a replacement for the ubiquitous JPEG.

"I've been following the development of this new recording format for a long time, and my opinion of it is quite favorable. In my opinion, it's superior to conventional JPEG in every significant way," said Chuck Westfall, director of media and customer relationships, in an interview.

Westfall was quick to note that's his own opinion, not a company endorsement. "Canon has no official comment on HD Photo," he said. He is, however, a high-profile company representative who speaks at industry conferences and writes a column for a The Digital Journalist.

Canon is a key partner to attract. Analysis firm iSuppli estimates the Japanese company sold 20 percent of the 96.4 million cameras shipped in 2006.

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