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Canon EOS 60D hi-def dSLR flips out

Much has changed in the two years since the Canon EOS 50D arrived -- its replacement, the Canon EOS 60D, packs a host of updated features, not least 1080p video.

The newly announced Canon EOS 60D finally pensions off the aging EOS 50D. Much has changed in the two years since the 50D arrived: the 60D not only packs a whopping 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, it also shoots 1080p high-definition video.

The 60D boasts a flip-out 76mm (3-inch) screen that spins around for shooting at all kinds of crazy angles. It features nine-point, all cross-type autofocus, four-channel colour output and in-camera raw processing.

Burst mode fires 5.3 frames per second for capturing fast-moving action, up to 58 full-resolution JPEGs. Stills and video are recorded to SD card, and SDXC card for super-high capacity storage.

1080p video is available at 30, 25 and 24 frames per second, as well as 720p video at 60 and 50fps. HDMI and an external mic jack are included. Here's a sample video provided by Canon of the video function:

The Canon EOS 60D arrives in October this year, and will be available body only for £1,100. With a 18-55mm kit lens it'll set you back £1,200. Other lens options start at £1,400.