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Canon announces EOS-1D X release date

After many months of waiting, it seems photographers can buy the EOS-1D X next week. Good luck finding one, though.

Canon announced the EOS-1D X back in October 2011. Canon

When Crave last checked up on the $6,799 Canon EOS-1D X dSLR in February, the company suggested a "late April" release date for the powerhouse camera. The EOS-1D X still shows as unavailable to consumers at major retailers, so it appears Canon made quite a misjudgment with that original claim.

Fortunately, the Japanese imaging giant announced today that June 20 stands as the official release date for the 18-megapixel EOS-1D X. That doesn't mean that everyone who wants the latest and greatest Canon can get one, though.

Talking to Imaging Resource, a Canon U.S. representative said that "the EOS-1D X cameras will be arriving in mid-June to select dealers in small quantities and increase gradually over time. They will be here in time for the Olympics and will be available."

The new release date also corresponds with the launch of many EOS-1D X accessories, including the wireless file transmitter (WFT-E6B), battery charger (LC-E4N), battery pack (LP-E4N), wide strap (L7), and focusing screen (EC-CV). A statement from Canon suggested the GPS receiver (GP-E1) should launch in July.

Those tired of waiting for the EOS-1D X can at least brush up on the official autofocus setting guidebook (PDF) made available by Canon last week.