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Create custom gummy candies with this 3D printer (Tomorrow Daily 246)

Ashley shows off a delicious 3D printer designed for making custom candies, explains why a looming strike might affect video games currently in production and notices NASA's new Hedgehog Rover looks awfully familiar...

Move over Willy Wonka, there's a new candy factory in town; at least, there is if you live in Berlin. German candy maker Katjes is testing out a 3D printer for gummy candies called "The Magic Candy Factory." It's a nifty device, but the coolest part is that the gummy candies are custom-designed by each patron through an iPad app. Katjes hopes to bring this device to family locations around the globe, so keep your fingers crossed that someday you'll be able to craft your very own custom gummy (that you'll then pop into your mouth and never see again).

Video games currently in production might experience some fairly serious repercussions if a looming union strike is approved. Voice actors in gaming want a cut of highly profitable games, and they're currently voting with the rest of their union (SAG-AFTRA) to decide whether or not to take the issue to a strike. Seeing as how voiceover artists like Jennifer Hale, Wil Wheaton and Ashly Burch have all publicly voted in favor of a strike, gamers may see delays in major titles if their voice talent heads to the picket lines.

The European Space Agency accomplished an incredible feat by dropping the Philae Lander onto a comet, but its inability to move around because of Comet 67p's rocky surface is a challenge scientists hope to continue solving. NASA-JPL is currently working on an interesting little rover called "Hedgehog," which is controlled by flywheels that start and stop in precise ways to move the little cube around, even over rough terrain. Our favorite move? The "tornado spin" the rover can do to hop out of a small hole or pit.

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246: Create custom gummy candies with this 3D printer

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