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Canary smart security gadget shipping to backers this week

After months of delays, the Indiegogo smash hit finally has some good news for its supporters here at CES.

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LAS VEGAS -- Almost a year and a half after raising nearly $2 million in a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign, Canary is finally set to start shipping to backers this week, its makers announced at CES 2015.

The all-in-one security gadget struck a serious chord with the crowdfunding scene before going on to raise an additional $10 million in capital from Khosla Ventures in 2014, but it fell victim to a series of production delays. Now, Canary's creators tell me that the units are in full, working order, and ready to make their way to the Indiegogo faithful.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Canary keeps an eye on things at home with its built-in HD camera, and monitors environmental conditions, too, tracking motion, temperature, humidity and the like. Thanks to a Wi-Fi radio, you'll be able to track it all from wherever you're at using a smartphone app. If something's amiss, Canary will let you know, and let you respond as you best see fit.

There's good news for those who pre-ordered Canary after the crowdfunding campaign ended, too, as their units are expected to begin shipping out within the next few weeks. Once that's wrapped up, the Canary team claims you'll be able to find the device for sale at major retailers by this spring.