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Canary app update gives you more control over video recordings

Tell the Canary app whether you want your security cameras to record just people or everything -- or nothing.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Canary today released a software update that's supposed to improve how you interact with its All-in-One, Flex and View DIY home security cameras.


Specify what type of motion you want your Canary camera to record -- or none at all.


The startup added free person detection and related notifications to all three of its video monitoring cameras back in December 2017. That means you'll receive a special alert when a Canary camera sees a person. It won't tell you who it sees since it doesn't have facial recognition, but it can tell the difference between a person and your pet -- or a passing car. I found this to be accurate when I tested the person alerts feature with the View camera. 

With today's update, you should be able to customize what type of motion is recorded depending on your home or away status. If you're away, for instance, you can set the app to record just people, all motion activity or nothing. The same goes for when you're home. This new feature will also apply to the types of alerts you receive. You can choose to receive alerts about people only, all motion or no alerts at all.

Canary's $169 (£120 and AU$220, converted) All-in-One is a plug-in indoor security system complete with 1080p HD resolution, livestreaming and a built-in siren. The $199 (£140/AU$260) Flex is a battery-powered 720p HD livestreaming camera designed for indoor or outdoor use. At $99 (£75/AU$125), the View is Canary's least-expensive device. It's similar to the All-in-One, but it's missing features like the integrated siren. All Canary cameras work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

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