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Canadian Carriers adding to their Android repertoire

Rogers and Telus add the LG Eve and Motorola Droid respectively.

LG GW620 Eve LG

Canadian smartphone enthusiasts soon will have their pick of multiple new Google Android handsets. Both Motorola and LG recently announced deals for two different carriers.

LG's first Android handset, the GW620 Eve, is headed for Robers. The handset boasts a 3.2-inch touch screen, a 5-row slideout QWERTY keyboard and 5-megapixel camera. Based on the commercials and promotional videos that we've seen it appears that LG is going right for the social networking enthusiast.

The Eve has a few unique features built into a stock Android 1.5 build that might appeal to younger demographics or people buying their first smartphones. Facebook, Twitter, and other services are integrated with contacts, which allows users to check status updates, send a text and place call from the same location.

The GW620 also offers Auto Face-Tagging and Face-To-Action technology. The latter allows you to text or dial a contact simply by touching his or her photo.

LG's GW620 Eve smartphone is available to Rogers customers for 49.99 Canadian dollars ($47.48) with a 3-year contract and a data plan. The Eve is Rogers' third Android handset after the HTC Dream and HTC Magic.

Motorola Milestone Motorola

Over at Telus, customers will soon be able to get their hands on the Motorola Milestone. Due in early 2010, the GSM version of the Droid is built with Android 2.0. It's offers the same design and features as the Droid except that it has expanded multitouch support.

Milestone owners will be able to take advantage of Telus's 3G+ network, which provides speeds up to 21Mbps. The exact release date for and price for Milestone have yet to be announced, though Telus currently offers an HSPA version of the HTC Hero for 99 Canadian dollars ($94) on a three-year agreement.