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Can you use an iPhone as a fishing lure?

Fish might not have the most discerning palates, but will they bite for a not-so-delicious-looking broken iPhone?

We know a lot about the capabilities of a typical iPhone. It can make calls, track your calendar, send text messages, take photos and get you online. But, more importantly, can it be used to catch a fish?

Appropriately named YouTube channel How Ridiculous not only asked this riveting question, but also answered it.

The iPhone guinea pig in this aquatic experiment is an old broken phone, so don't feel sorry for it getting tossed into the cold waters off of Australia. Our fisherman attached the iPhone to the end of a line with a hook hanging below. He casts off and it doesn't take long for an Australian salmon to nibble. The gullible fish was quickly returned to the water, where it no doubt had quite a story to tell its friends.

We've seen some interesting torture tests before (hot melted-crayon bath, anyone?), but this might be the first time an iPhone has aimed for the belly of a fishy beast on purpose.

(Via Outdoorhub)