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Can you hear VoIP now? Small firms get the call

VoIP sellers target smaller game. Also: Google takes "aggressive" look at Net phone options, and AOL unveils plans.

The Voice on the Net conference in Silicon Valley this week puts the spotlight on the fast-growing trend of Internet phone calling. Google, AOL and Michael Powell have all taken the stage.

VoIP providers work to lasso smaller businesses

New products and services puts Internet telephony into the reach of smaller companies.
March 9, 2005

Google window-shops for VoIP

Search giant gets "aggressive" in sounding out Net phone options, has learned.
March 8, 2005

Powell makes final VoIP call

Outgoing Federal Communications Commission chairman does some legacy building in San Jose.
March 8, 2005

AOL unveils VoIP plans

Net phone service is due in a month, heightening pressure on rivals such as Yahoo to follow suit.
March 8, 2005

Commentary: Net calls? Not so fast

VoIP services have snagged early adopters, but consumers are looking for greater savings before they switch.
March 8, 2005

Vonage seeks a million users by '06

At the rate it's going, the leading VoIP specialist will hit the mark faster than many of its larger cable rivals.
March 7, 2005

Search giants hear voices

Net telephony catches ears at Yahoo and Google. Also: Is Skype on anyone's shopping list?
March 7, 2005

Now playing: When Net calls met cellular

Nortel and other top makers of wireless equipment are adding more VoIP to cell phones.
March 7, 2005

Bells ringing in Net-phone 911

As the Voice Over Network confab gets under way, there's progress in one of the thorniest issues of Internet telephony.
March 6, 2005

Microsoft to punch up corporate IM

Software giant prepares to launch Istanbul, its new desktop communications client.
March 6, 2005

Dialing without a license

Agency that dispenses telephone numbers grants some to an unlicensed VoIP provider, a sign that times are changing.
March 6, 2005

previous coverage

Cable raises its voice

Cable operators large and small are muscling in on local phone providers.
March 3, 2005

Skype launches free Wi-Fi calls at hotspots

Internet phone provider joins hot-spot operator to offer VoIP calls on the go.
March 3, 2005

Why our broadband policy's still a mess

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps faults both the government and the private sector for failing to advance broadband access.
February 28, 2005

AOL: You've got VoIP

Beleaguered giant turns to hot Internet phone market in latest effort to bolster flagging dial-up business.
February 24, 2005