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Can TubeSurround Sound headphones make you look angelic?

TubeSurround Sound headphones are interesting-looking, to say the least.

CNET Networks/Corinne Schulze

As some of you may have noticed, I have somewhat of a history with ridiculous wearable gadgets. Who am I to let that legacy die? Enter the TubeSurround Sound Headphones, which are, to say the least, interesting-looking. You wear them halo-style around your head, then adjust the two tube-style earbuds into your ears. There is a point to this not-so-low-profile design: it serves to position six minispeakers in different spots around your head, thus creating a true surround-sound experience. The TubeSurround then uses a combination of bone conduction and traditional audio to create an immersive experience.

Naturally, I got to pop these things on my head and do some preliminary testing with a variety of action and sci-fi films, and the headphones did a decent job at offering the full surround-sound experience. They seemed to do better than headphones that offer "virtual" surround sound. I don't think I'll be sporting these out on the streets anytime soon, despite the fact that you can get the headband covers in a variety of colors. I have no trouble making a fool of myself without the help of said gadget, although the images on the TubeSurround Web site are, surprisingly, even odder than the one of me sporting the headphones above.