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Can this iPhone app remote-control your dog?

Pet-Remote is an iPhone-controlled vibrating collar tag that can apparently help train your pooch. You won't have to say a word.

Pet-Remote is an app that controls a vibrating dog-collar attachment.

Who wouldn't want a remote control for their pet? Or, perhaps, who would?

I love pet gadgets, especially wacky ones like Bowlingual, which claims to translate barks into human speech.

Well, a collar attachment called Pet-Remote is getting billed as a way to "control your dog with your iPhone and iPad."

It sounds a bit ridiculous and counterproductive, but Pet-Remote is more of a training and obedience aid that lets you skip voice commands.

Part of a 10,000-euro ($13,544) campaign on Indiegogo, Pet-Remote is a harmless 1.7-inch-long tag that vibrates or plays an acoustic signal in response to a Bluetooth signal from your device.

If you attach the tag to your pooch's collar while training it to obey commands like "sit," it will eventually associate the vibration or sound with that command, according to Austrian developer Tractive.

The free Pet-Remote app is loaded with commands such as "sit" as well as "down" and "come here." Users can also program their own commands.

The tag has a range of 100 feet and can work for a year before the battery has to be changed.

Pet-Remote is being offered for 20 euros ($27). Check out details here.

Do you think this would work with your dog? Or is it simply for the birds?