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Can the URC Digital R50 take down Logitech Harmony?

CNET gets an exclusive look at the new URC Digital R50, a universal remote with a color screen and impressive macro functions.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Logitech's Harmony line has all but taken over the universal remote market. But--just as the iPod isn't the only choice for portable media players--there are still plenty of alternatives out there. One of the latest is the URC Digital R50. (URC is short for "Universal Remote Control," the aptly-named company that also makes remotes under the Home Theater Master brands, as well as many of the "generic" remotes that are packaged with cable boxes and other devices.)

The Digital R50 is a $150 clicker that includes a brilliant color screen and plenty of programmable hard buttons. It eschews Logitech's PC-programming approach and instead includes thousands of built-in codes--all accessible with an on-screen wizard interface--which can be used to control up to 18 separate devices. CNET got an early look at the R50, and put it to the test versus similar offerings from Logitech and Philips. Read the full review--and watch the video--to see how it stacked up.

Read the CNET review of the URC Digital R50.

What do you think: Would you consider the R50 as your primary remote? Do you prefer Logitech's models? Or do you think $150 is just too much to spend on a glorified clicker?