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Can the Kindle help you lose weight?

Nickel Buddy, the developer of Anywhere Abs, describes its interactive fitness title as "a workout partner on Kindle."

Anywhere Abs offers two timed workout routines and costs $1.99. Amazon

Amazon has spent a lot of time marketing the Kindle's bookish attributes, so you probably wouldn't immediately associate it with being an exercise tool. But along with an increasing number of games that continue to hit the Kindle Store, other types of interactive e-ink titles, including Anywhere Abs, "a workout partner on Kindle," are showing up.

Nickel Buddy, the developer of the tool, says Anywhere Abs will "guide you step by step through an exercise routine to strengthen your core. The exercises don't require any special equipment and can be performed anywhere there is space on the floor. It's perfect for the frequent traveler or for home use." You get two routines to choose from, and a countdown timer guides you through each routine.

Most of the user reviews have been positive. One commenter claims to have lost 21 pounds using Anywhere Abs, and one thought it was clever and that it would be great if there were a similar version with yoga poses, which is probably a good idea.

If nothing else, at $1.99, it's quite a bit cheaper than a personal trainer.

It's worth noting that with the Kindle now having an installed base of somewhere near 10 million, it's quickly becoming an attractive platform for developers. No, it's not the iPhone, but we do expect to see developers come up with more creative uses (and titles) for the Kindle. Just a few days ago, Brain Bump, a 99-cent literature trivia game, arrived in the Kindle Store, and two text-based adventures, Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides, launched in December along with Monopoly.

Any "apps" you'd like to see on the Kindle?