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Can the iPod or other mp3 players be used for jogging?

Can the iPod or other mp3 players be used for jogging?

MP3 players can certainly be used for jogging and other high-impact activities. However, it would be a good idea to get a flash-based player, rather than a hard-drive one. These don't skip because they have no moving parts, and they are also available in very small sizes.

As to what I would recomment, Apple has just released the second-generation iPod Nano, which you can get for $219 (2GB) or $299 (4GB). If you want to get serious and tech up your running, there's an Apple/Nike accessory for this player that works as a pedometer and tracks your progress with software. It's being released in October, but you can see our review here.

Another sport-focused player that is about to be released is Sony's NW-S200, for $249.95. This model also has an FM radio and comes with an armband; check it out here.