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Can the iPhone 6 Plus stop a 50-caliber bullet?

It will certainly let you watch videos in full HD, but how does the iPhone 6 Plus fare when it comes to stopping bullets? RatedRR takes a shot at the Plus to find out.

At Apple Stores around the world on Friday, people stood in line hoping to snag the iPhone 6 Plus , only to be turned away when stores ran out of the 5.5-inch phablet.

The folks at YouTube channel RatedRR did manage to get their hands on a few devices, however, and subjected them to a series of torture tests that included a liquid nitrogen bath and culminated with the group shooting the iPhone 6 Plus with a 50-caliber rifle.

As you'd probably expect, the iPhone 6 Plus is just no substitute for good old-fashioned Kevlar. The phone was completely destroyed when the bullet made impact, exploding into hundreds of pieces.

So while the iPhone 6 Plus may be great for watching video, reading articles on CNET and snapping pictures and video, keeping you safe from would-be gun-wielding assailants is apparently not one of its strong suits.

This used to be the iPhone 6 Plus. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET