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Can someone tell me how to do Twitter? Yes, Minister

The government has done what it does best: issued a hefty document, this time advising politicos and statesmen on how to use this Twitter thing everyone's banging on about

You'd think Twitter is pretty straightforward: write your thoughts in fewer than 140 characters and people read them. Never one to use 140 characters when 36,215 will do, the government has outlined a 20-page strategy for using the microblogging site.

The document -- Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments -- was written by Neil Williams, head of corporate digital channels at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), who tweets as neillyneil.

Williams suggests tweets should be human, frequent, timely and credible, which is fair enough. If Gordon and his mandarins need an example of good practice and thought leadership, we suggest a quick squizz at

We're not going to knock Number 10 over this. After all, everyone's at it. Just the other day, Morgan Stanley told us how 15-year-olds consume media, although admittedly we're a little closer to consuming media like a 31-year-old. Heck, we did a whole week about Twitter, but that was all the way back in February before every man and his spambot turned up.

Oh, and one final suggestion: don't get sued. That one's free.