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Can pirate ships be preppy? Our sources say yes

This little wooden yacht is perfectly popped-collar, except for the awesome skull and crossbones

Graham and Green

Motorized pirate ships are all good and fine, but sometimes we need something a little bit classier and old-fashioned to satisfy our high-seas ambitions. Take this toy pirate yacht, for example. It retails for the U.K. equivalent of about $35.

It's a lovely, tasteful little wooden boat, made of plantation-grown wood with genuine sailcloth for the sails, and would look perfect either on the mantelpiece of your expansive parlor's fireplace or gently bobbing in your backyard koi pond as you sit on the porch drinking mimosas after a morning of squash at the local country club. But the skull and crossbones make it all totally edgy! You know, like all those pseudo-gothy, post-preppy, Ivy-League-gone-bad movies. Which reminds me, I've totally got to add The Skulls to my Netflix queue.