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Can Netflix replace traditional TV? 76% of subscribers say yes

Movies at the theater are a different story, though.

At a Netflix event in Paris, CEO Reed Hastings (sixth from right) stands amid stars and execs including Katherine McNamara, Claire Foy, Joaquim Dos Santos, Tituss Burgess, Margie Cohn, Michelle Yeoh and Ted Sarandos.

Fred Rambaud/Netflix

Netflix is the ready replacement for traditional TV, according to 75.5 percent of Netflix subscribers in a recent survey. Their opinions might seem a little biased, since they're paying users of the service. But those surveyed also noted that the streaming service still can't replace live sports coverage or the magic of the movie theater.

The survey came from AllFlicks, a Netflix-focused site, so it's possible the 3,000 users sampled might have been a different type from casual TV streamers. But even if they are more Netflix-happy than the norm, only 24.2 percent thought Netflix could replace movie theaters, while 67.6 percent said that won't happen.

Leaders at Netflix have made comments before implying that traditional TV is less its competitor than other streaming services like HBO's. Representatives of Netflix were not immediately available for comment on this survey.