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Can Groupon grow up?

Online shoppers pay with cash, White House takes aim at CISPA, and Groupon hopes to show its grown-up side.

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In today's show, we speculate on Spotify, shop online with cash, and crack open a beer to look mature:

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It seems the controversial cyber security bill CISPA (short for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is on shaky ground. The White House threatened to veto the bill, saying it endangers the privacy of Americans and gives Homeland Security too much power.

Groupon's CEO held a staff meeting to discuss the company's future and how he hopes to see the company grow up. It's just hard to take that seriously if he's holding employee meetings while drinking.

Walmart lets you shop online -- and pay with cash. No credit card? No problem. Order at and pay in store.

Samsung won't unveil the Galaxy S3 (or whatever it will be named) until next week. But in the meantime, we know the phone has gone quad-core.

Spotify could be moving into Pandora's territory. Bloomberg reports that Spotify is working on a customizable radio player that's similar to Pandora.

And we ended the show with a great question from CNET reader iPlayNice. The comment was about AT&T customers who are hanging on to an old unlimited data contract. Will AT&T allow the unlimited data contract to continue for a 4G iPhone? Yes, they will. (Unless AT&T changes its stance.) Right now, if you switch from an iPhone to a 4G Lumia 900, you still can hang on to your unlimited data contract. But you will experience data throttling if you use more than 5GB on the 4G network.

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