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Can audio products be designed to look as good as they sound?

The Audiophiliac would be the first to admit that a lot of (but not all) high-end audio is downright ugly. So he's rounded up a selection of the best-looking gear.

Devialet 120 integrated amplifier Devialet

From an outsider's perspective, most high-end audio gear probably looks like it was designed by and for audiophiles, to the exclusion of everybody else. Big, ungainly speakers with bits of wood trim aren't going to wow fashion-conscious "civilians," and mammoth amplifiers with glitzy lights can be eyesores. Not to me -- I look past the surface and get seduced by the sound. But then, I'm a card-carrying audiophile.

So I've put together a small group of glamour shots of what I consider the best-looking audio gear currently on the market, I hope you'll find at least a few products listed here attractive enough to arouse some curiosity about what they sound like.

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