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Can Amanda Congdon prove 'Rocketboom' was no fluke?

Former host of Rocketboom is back doing video blogging after failing to make the jump from quirky video blog to mainstream media.

Amanda Congdon, former host of online news show Rocketboom, is no longer making deals with the likes of ABC and HBO but is now fronting a little-known Web show. That was once her recipe for success. CNET Networks

The Internet is still seeking its first true crossover artist. Amanda Congdon's attempt at turning Web stardom into the mainstream kind has floundered, at least to this point.

The former host of Rocketboom, a once popular quirky online news show, has cut deals with ABC and HBO that amounted to little, and now the 26-year-old is attempting a comeback in the style of video blogging that made her famous.

Working with Media Rights Capital, an independent production company, Congdon will host a new Internet-based show called Sometimes Daily. The show is going to be "an interactive variety show" Congdon told The New York Times, adding that the show "will be embedded into my life."

Congdon needs to show that her success on Rocketboom, which she helped run with former partner Andrew Baron, wasn't a fluke. Her deals with old-media outlets ABC and HBO didn't lift her career much. It didn't help that while she was at ABC she was doing infomercials on the side, a controversial fact that touched off charges of conflict of interest.

As she makes a second pass at the Internet, Congdon might find the competition tougher.

Two years ago, the winsome blond with the quick wit stood out among the hosts of upstart online video shows. Now, is there any online news program without a comely, wise-cracking young anchorwoman?