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Can a Galaxy Note 7 frozen in ice survive a 100-foot drop?

Watch as Samsung's large-screen phone gets the ultimate durability test with only ice to protect it from an impressive height.

We get it. Dropping brand new, expensive gadgets to see if they'll break under extreme conditions is fun.

Not only do plenty of YouTubers dedicate full video channels to dropping smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices to test their durability, we did the same thing here at CNET last week with Samsung's Galaxy Note 7.

While our test was a bit more scientific, this viral video from YouTube channel GizmoSlip posted on Saturday takes it a step further by freezing a Galaxy Note 7 in a block of ice and then dropping it from 100 feet (30.5 meters) onto concrete. Of course, the video shows the drop in slow motion for added effect.

The Galaxy Note 7 survives the freezing process, which says a lot about its waterproof guarantee. The device even comes away from the drop onto concrete with its glass cover intact. But does it turn on at the end of the experiment? Watch the video above to find out.