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Can 3,000 Brazilians be wrong?

Lots of Brazilians are getting Debian for Christmas.

Children in rural areas of Brazil are about to get their geek on with a slew of new Debian-based Linux machines, as Softpedia notes:

Schools from Brazil will receive about 3000 Debian GNU/Linux based computers, with four multimedia terminals, as the Ministry of Education is willing to buy them for 3000 rural schools. The computers will have compatible printers and 36 months contractual support. This is not the first time when the Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying Linux-based computers, as about a month ago they acquired 90,000 Debian GNU/Linux PCs, with compatible wireless cards, wireless routers and laser printers. These were installed in 9000 brazilian schools!

It's interesting that the RFP called for Debian-based machines. Not generic Linux. And certainly not generic desktops. Clearly the government has had a good experience with Debian.