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Campfire pole roasters give you perfect marshmallows

This wacky grilling gadget is great for s'mores and ideal for summer, along with sunglasses that can open beer bottles.

Firebuggz campfire pole
The Firebuggz Fire Fishing Pole puts an end to charred sticks and burned hot dogs. The Grommet

Summer means roasting marshmallows over a campfire and all the failures that entails. How many times have you burned those puffy cylinders of sugar and ruined potential s'mores?

A good marshmallow roaster always blames his tools, so forget that stick. Campfire enthusiasts Bob and Tara Hurt of Becker, Minnesota, have a better idea: a stainless steel rod with a swiveling roaster attachment for perfectly toasted 'mallows.

The Firebuggz Fire Fishing Pole has a heat-resistant birch handle and four stainless steel hooks to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. With a flick of the wrist, the hooks flip over for even roasting.

The pole also has a safety mechanism so the hooks won't swing around and hit someone, or send hot dogs flying into your campfire pals.

The gadget is available for $24.95 from The Grommet, a shopping site that features entrepreneurs, emerging products, and what it calls "Citizen Commerce."

This ironically trademarked term refers to our collective ability to showcase more products and ideas via the Web compared to the bottleneck of the traditional retail system.

The Grommet profiles many new, often low-tech, products from hammocks for cats to rechargeable solar lights. Check out a few of their suggestions for summer in the gallery below, including bottle-opening sunglasses and a drinking fountain for dogs.