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Making Campbell's soup in a Keurig sounds pretty cumbersome to us (Tomorrow Daily 241)

Ashley and Khail watch legendary animator Glen Keane draw in VR, debate the usefulness of making soup in a Keurig and discuss Raspberry Pi's new $60 complementary touchscreen.

Glen Keane is a Disney Legend, having animated some of the most acclaimed Disney films, including "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast." He left Disney in 2012 to explore other ways to create content, and recently helped create a video showing off the potential of virtual reality. He uses the HTC Vive to light paint full-size Ariel and Beast figures in a three-dimensional space -- an exciting prospect for many creatives out there (including aspiring artists).

We feel like our second story is pretty absurd compared to the first, but it's still fun to talk about. Campbell's and Keurig announced a partnership a few years ago, but we've not really seen anything come of that...until now. Soup pods will be available to stick into your existing Keurig for fast chicken noodle. Yes, we know that sounds really gross. We aren't disagreeing with you!

If you're a programming enthusiast, you've definitely heard of Raspberry Pi, the affordable microcomputer. Now, Raspberry Pi has a nifty, inexpensive touchscreen available to complement the tiny tech toy. It's only $60, and will add another helpful entry-level component to the hobbyist scene.

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241: Making Campbell's soup in a Keurig sounds pretty cumbersome to us

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