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Campaign '96 hits the Net

This year's presidential race will be covered by three sites on the Internet. Voters can interact with candidates, view the candidates' tax returns, and watch their speeches.

This year's presidential race will be watched and covered by three sites on the Internet that allow voters to interact with candidates and view copies of the candidates' tax returns.

Time magazine and CNN have launched a political site today designed to follow campaign news. Dubbed All Politics, the site includes news on current issues, candidate statistics, and campaign ads. The site also allows voters to interview candidates by posting questions online.

ABC News, The Washington Post, and Newsweek will unveil Election Line by February 6. Election Line will feature news, candidate speeches, and icons of campaign buttons.

PoliticsUSA, a venture of National Journal and the American Political Network, launched in September. The site also features news and information on candidates. Archived news releases, The Almanac of American Politics 1996, and candidate schedules are also available.