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This camera won't let you take cliche pictures (Tomorrow Daily 242)

Ashley and Khail discuss a camera that retracts its shutter when a location has too many photos of it online, an unofficial VR tour of Stark Tower, and the ESA's success in using an astronaut on the ISS to control a rover on Earth. #TDKhail

It's the penultimate episode before Khail's departure for other pastures, but that's not stopping us from bringing you great stories to discuss with your friends. If you've ever felt like you're seeing the same photos from tourist locations on Instagram, you might enjoy Camera Restricta. It's a camera designed to check how many photos have been publicly uploaded to the Internet and geotagged in the same place you're standing in. If the location is saturated with pictures, Camera Restricta retracts its shutter and won't let you snap a pic, forcing you to seek out more interesting, less common locations for your photos.

Trek Industries might not have Marvel's blessing, but that doesn't mean it won't try to create a VR tour of Stark Tower for Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. It's a simple tour, but Trek hopes to give away the experience for free this November, and potentially add things like Avengers meet-and-greets and more detail to the city below.

Lastly, the ESA is celebrating a recent success in a mission designed to pave a path for astronauts to remotely control rovers and other craft. The agency had an astronaut on the International Space Station control a rover here on Earth. The signal's round trip? Over 89,000 miles. Scientists believe this type of mission might be helpful for future missions, like base building on the moon or controlling rovers on Mars more precisely.

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242: This camera won't let you take cliche pictures

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