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Camera phones are so five minutes ago

The Possio Greta is a powerful, if hefty, mobile office.

Possio Greta Possio

If you're all about convergence and think camera phones are mere toys, then allow us to suggest the Possio Greta as your next cell phone. The Greta, which is now showing at 3GSM in Barcelona, does more than just make calls it's also a copier, a printer, a fax machine, a scanner, and a clock. No, you won't find the proverbial kitchen sink inside, but with the exception of making coffee it does amount to a mobile office. And it even comes in a version that's compatible with U.S. GSM bands. But before you get too excited, it's worth noting that the Greta is almost a foot long (11.4 inches), about half a foot wide (5.4 inches) and weighs just over two pounds (35 ounces). And to be honest, though it is clad in a fancy red skin, it's not much of a looker. And as far as the name Greta goes, are we the only ones who think it sounds like one of the Von Trapp children?