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Camera on self-timer captures bag theft

While a family takes a snapshot, their backpack disappears. In the photo, however, they see the alleged thief in the act. Can there be a happy ending?

If you're ever looking for a photographer, you could do worse than getting the Myers family to take your shots.

Somehow, they have a talent for capturing the moment--even if it's the theft of their own bag.

You see, they were standing outside the Capitol building in Madison, Wis., and decided to set their Canon G7 on self-timer, in order to snap a spontaneous family portrait.

Daddy Myers took the story to Gizmodo.

Having set the timer to 10 seconds and lined up the family as best he could, Meyers managed to get a shot that pleased him. Then he realized something was awry. Their backpack was gone. "I went inside the building to see if someone had turned it in, but no luck. I ran outside and circled the building, but still no luck," he told Gizmodo.

CC Bonard/Flickr

Luck is a strange thing. Sometimes it appears at the very moments when we most fear disaster.

For when Meyers had a little time to think, he realized that he may have caught the theft on camera. And indeed, he had.

"When I saw the guy with his hand in my bag, I ran back inside and found the Capitol Police," he told Gizmodo.

Yes, the alleged miscreant's denim shorts, white socks, and rather dirty actions were all there for the police and, indeed, the world to see.

It took those fine Wisconsin police officers mere minutes to locate the attempted killjoy.

Some items--a camera flash, kids toys, a mini tripod--were tossed into a garbage can. "But still in my bag were my wallet with cash, credit cards, hotel keys, rental car keys, and my iPad," Meyers told Gizmodo.

Yes, the self-timer saved his iPad.

Next time you happen to feel emboldened to steal a happy family's belongings while they try to snap a shot for posterity, make sure to work out your angles very carefully.