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Camera jewelry that (almost) works

While it won't snap photos, pendant resembling Olympus Trip 35 film camera has parts that actually work.

film camera jewerly
Japan Camera Hunter

With the recent hike in the price of film, plus digital photography so easily accessible, film cameras just aren't very common these days. But if you can't shoot with film, why not create wearable art pieces dedicated to the film cameras we love?

Jeweler Luke Satou has done just that with new handmade jewelry that's made in the likeness of an Olympus Trip 35 film camera. What separates this from the conventional trinkets is that it has parts that actually work. You'll be able open its film back, advance the film winder, and turn the rewind knob, too.

Although the brass pendant won't be shooting film anytime soon, its creator is in talks with online store Japan Camera Hunter to sell it in the near future.

film camera jewelry
Japan Camera Hunter

(Source: Crave Asia via PetaPixel)