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Camera binoculars: When you can't afford good seats

$200 may not be too bad if it works as billed

Camera binoculars
Gadget Universe

If it really works, this may be too good to be true. We offer that caveat because we've read more than a few reviews that say camera binoculars aren't quite ready for prime time, to say the least.

But if this is the exception, even Barry Bonds haters might appreciate having a pair of these handy to capture one of his majestic jacks for posterity. Gadget Universe claims that its $200 new LCD binocular camera can read a license plate 300 yards away, so we're hoping that will solve the blurry problems of its predecessors. If not, we'll just have to keep looking for homeplate seats on Craigslist.

Update: An alert Crave reader notes important discrepancies in the megapixel specs listed on the product page. We will try to contact Gadget Universe and get the story straight.