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CamelBak's new Google Glass app aims to keep you hydrated

Called Thirst, the app sends hydration alerts based on current weather conditions and allows users to take and share pics mid-workout on the app's microsite.

Gentle prodding from CamelBak's new Thirst app for Glass. CamelBak

Let's face it: At first blush, CamelBak seems like pretty old tech. The company, which kick-started the hands-free hydration industry when it came onto the scene in 1989, is all about bottles and backpacks. Very 1980s indeed.

But the hydration innovator clearly likes to push the envelope (remember its UV-C light purification bottle?) and is doing so once again with the launch of an app for Google Glass called Thirst (not to be confused with the Thirst news aggregator).

The app is essentially three-pronged. Taking current local weather conditions into account, it delivers hydration tips, reminders, and alerts. Plus, if you're on the trail or at the gym and can't get enough of how wonderfully hydrated you are, you can also take and upload pics via Google Glass to the app's microsite for, presumably, bragging purposes.

To develop the app, CamelBak hit up Digital Surgeons, an interactive digital agency that is also a member of Google's Glass Explorer program and thus the recipient of early access to the Glass specs. Cofounder Pete Sena II said in a news release that Glass is a powerful way for Camelbak to connect to its consumers and enrich their hydration experiences.

Of course, while the reminders can be customized, the standard tips and alerts could get old pretty quickly for the CamelBak consumer who is already clearly invested in hydration.

Still, most of us have a hard time hitting that eight-glasses-of-water-a-day hydration target, so who knows, maybe Thirst will fulfill your thirst after all.