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CamBall rolls over to U.S., looks adorable

Look at this cute little camcorder that's smaller than a golf ball! Personal security has never been more darling.

If I had two of these, I could build a cyborg with two eyes. I'll work on that. CamBall

We've talked before about the CamBall, a tiny spherical camcorder from Korea, but now we have news: it's coming to America today.

About the size of a golf ball, the CamBall shoots sub-VGA quality video to an SD card, but we're not sure how it looks as we haven't received one yet. That said, it likely uses the same type of camera as a cell phone, so we're expecting the video to look pretty similar. It has USB and VGA-out, so you can view the videos you take on a computer or a TV.

Besides the regular model, the SG-30, the people behind the CamBall have added a second model that can be motion-activated, ideal for things like catching who's stealing the lunches in your company's break room. Hint: it's not me.

The SG-30 retails for $150, while the motion-activated SG-31 goes for $200. Both have sport and surveillance packages available; the surveillance package includes a stand and a power adapter for long-term recording, and the sports package includes a handlebar mount and a waterproof case. The each go for $40 and are available now on the CamBall Web site.

What would you do with a CamBall?