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Callwave Vtxt full review

Callwave Vtxt is a practical and user-friendly service that turns traditional voice mail on its head.

We've told you about Callwave already, but now we've had the opportunity to put the company's Vtxt application through its paces. Vtxt takes spoken voice mail messages and converts them into text. When someone calls and leaves you a voice mail, Vtxt will send you a text message and an e-mail with a transcript. You don't get the message word-for-word; rather, Vtxt gives you the gist of the message so you can understand what the person said.

The result is a useful and user-friendly service. Both the text message and e-mail arrive within seconds, so you have ample time to decide if the message is urgent enough for you respond straightaway. The gist transcription isn't always perfect--but that's sort of the point, in a way. And in any case, we were pleased with the results overall. Read more.

Callwave Vtxt