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CallWave announces Vtxt

CallWave's new product turns voice mails into readable content.

CallWave sends voice mails to your phone CallWave

Speech recognition technologies had a moderate presence at CTIA, and CallWave had one of the biggest announcements with its new Vtxt service. Designed for busy, on-the-go types, Vtxt eliminates the need to scan through long, dull voice mails by sending them to your cell phone. After someone leaves you a voice mail, you'll receive a text message containing the person's name and phone number as well as a summary of the voice mail. The summary is composed using a CallWave-developed algorithm that scans for what it deems as important words, while leaving out any pauses or words like "uh." At present, Vtxt doesn't use live operators to transcribe messages in full but CallWave said that option will be available in the future.

Though we didn't get a live demonstration of Vtxt, we did see an example of a message summary sent to a cell phone. When we compared the summary to the original voice mail, Vtxt did get the important details correct but it had more trouble with proper names. The service still is in a beta testing phase but customers of CallWave's existing products can sign up to try it out. There's nothing to download, instead you just go to the company's Web site and enter your phone number and other information.

We're eager to try Vtxt, especially after CNET's own Rafe Needleman raved about CallWave earlier this year.