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Calling all jukeboxes

TouchTunes and LocaModa want to link 30,000 jukeboxes controlled by mobile phones.


Ever vigilant for news that might further our pursuit of laziness, Crave featured a French initiative last year for texting-controlled jukeboxes. Now a couple of U.S. companies have partnered for a similar concept with even more ambitious goals.

TouchTunes and LocaModa, which was created by a founder of Symbian, are seeking to linke 30,000 jukeboxes controlled by mobile phones. Beyond the novelty of using the phone as a remote, the companies want to create a social network around the system, displaying all actions as data feeds. "Online users will be able to view and participate in the activity at their favorite locations. For example: They can see who has 'fanned' the location, who is actually there, what music is currently playing, and they can even 'gift' songs to friends at that location," according to Textually.

Let's hope this doesn't inspire ABC to create yet another ill-advised reunion episode for the geriatric cast of Happy Days.