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Calling all 'bullshot' artists!

Activision is looking to hire an Art Services Screenshot Associate, otherwise known as a "bullshot" artist, to retouch video game screenshots for PR purposes.

A recent job posting by Activision (found on Gamasutra) is advertising for an "Art Services Screenshot Associate." In the description, it lists how "typical end use will include screenshots for editorial, packaging, advertising, manuals and more, as needed." One of the listed duties is to perform "advanced retouching of screenshots and teach skills to others as needed."


"Bullshot"--a hybrid of screenshot and bullsh*t--is a term used for a screenshot that's been altered through Photoshop to appear a little snazzier than it actually is. Things will become a little crisper, more saturated, or are just plain altered to make a game look better than it is.

Every once in a while, a video game publisher will be outed for producing doctored screenshots of a popular title, but soon all is forgotten after the game is released. Previous games to flaunt doctored images include Killzone 2, Red Steel, and Madden '06.

IGN explains in its coverage, "It isn't any secret that many publishers touch up screenshots before sending them out to the public. If a game doesn't look snazzy enough in its current form, digital artists can make sure you and I don't get the wrong idea about an upcoming game."

So apply now, and become a professional bullshot artist.