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Calling a spammer a spammer

A reader writes: Popick is Queen Spammer in my book, no matter how she tries to spin it.


    Calling a spammer a spammer

    In response to the June 20 Newsmaker with Janine Popick, "Surviving in spam's shadow":

    Popick is completely out of touch.

    "People aren't sick of too much e-mail yet"?!

    Either she has no idea, or she is the typical salesperson and does not give a damn. I do not want anything sent to me by mail, e-mail or telecommuter ever again and I am getting totally angry about it. I boycott businesses that send me unsolicited mail and sell my name to other spammers. Popick is Queen Spammer in my book, no matter how she tries to spin it.

    Dhani Shattuck
    Apex, N.C.



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