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Caller ID data to be added to Notes

Lotus Development will add FastCall caller recognition software to its Notes groupware.

Lotus Development today announced plans to add FastCall caller recognition software to its popular Notes groupware.

FastCall identifies incoming calls using CallerID technology and automatically opens database records related to the caller on the user's desktop. FastCall will be available for Lotus Notes in June for $89.

The announcement coincides with the release of a report that spotlights the threat the Internet poses to the dominance of Notes in the groupware market. The report from Input, an IT intelligence and consulting company in Mountain View, California, states that groupware applications written specifically for the Internet are rapidly gaining on Notes in functionality.

By the end of 1998, Internet groupware users will amount to half of the current 18 million Notes users. By the year 2000, the report states, Internet groupware will have surpassed Notes with 32 million users to Notes' 26 million.

Also by 2000, the reported predicted, user spending on Notes and Internet groupware will be equal, at $350 million.