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Call of Duty player screams 'Help!'; police arrive

Some kids in Sweden are playing Call of Duty. At an especially emotional moment, one falls to the ground screaming "Help! Help!" A passer-by calls the police.

I wonder if the police looked like this. CallofDuty/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Gamers are emotional.

They live in the moment. And sometimes they die in the moment -- which leads to self-expression, occasionally involving shouts, screams, and the rending of garments.

One Call of Duty player in Sweden though, may not have been prepared for the result of his pained outburst.

Kotaku directs me toward the reporting of Sweden's the Local, which describes how a group of teens were playing Call Of Duty and quite naturally became vocal.

You know how it is with Call Of Duty. Sometimes, you die. In this particular case, after an especially galling death, one of the boys fell to the floor and screamed "Help! Help! Help!"

Sweden is a caring country, one in which people look after their fellow men and women.

So a passer-by heard these anguished cries and called the police.

Sweden's is a caring police force. So a squad wandered by the house in which the teens were playing and banged on the door.

One of the teens opened it. The police burst in and, before they could kill anyone else onscreen, the teens had their hands on their heads and were marched out of the house.

Happily, explanations were eventually made and it was handshakes all around.

But not before a group of teens felt the peculiarly real call of duty intrude into their fantasy version.