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Call of Duty coming to PS Vita this autumn

War-sim Call of Duty will be landing on Sony's PlayStation Vita console in the autumn.

Good news, Call of Duty fans -- the gigantically popular soldier-sim will be melee-killing its way on to Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld console this autumn.

A Sony exec told GameTrailers that gamers could expect to see the franchise hitting the soon-to-be-released Vita later this year, further promising the unnamed title would be an "absolute game-changer". Whatever that means.

Nothing is yet known about the Vita edition of Call of Duty. It could be a totally new game, or a reworking of an existing title, though the latter would be disappointing -- I want a whole new game please, Activision.

Getting a rough estimate of the release is good news -- if it really does emerge before Christmas, we can expect to see trailers and a proper title popping up soon. On the other hand I suspect many gamers will hold off buying Sony's new, quad-core handheld until this game is released, so waiting until autumn could hurt the Vita's fortunes sales-wise in the meantime.

I've already reviewed the Vita -- check out the video below -- and I reckon that while it's a fabulous gaming machine, the high cost of the console and games will only be justified if you're a massive fan of the franchises headed to that platform.

Along with launch title Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the Call of Duty Vita title will be one of the games that will make or break Sony's console, so the pressure is definitely on.

What do you think of the Vita? Will Sony's new toy change the world of gaming, or will it fizzle out after a few months? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.