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Call, listen to music, and run with Vea watch

New touch-screen watch lets you make calls, listen to your MP3s, take pictures, and hit an SOS button in case of an emergency. But it will cost you.

Vea Sportive watch

If you go jogging frequently, you'll know that it's best to keep a light load when exercising. Vea Digital's new Sportive watch combines nearly all your electronics into one device.

This chunky watch with a 1.5-inch touch screen allows you to monitor your pulse rate, make phone calls, listen to your MP3s, and even take pictures. There's also Bluetooth support and 8GB worth of storage for your songs.

Additionally, should anything happen to you while jogging, there's a built-in SOS button that sends your location to an emergency contact.

The device is expected to be released on July 14. According to the manufacturer's Web site, it will retail at a special price of $578 for people who have contributed to this project. Other interested buyers will have to wait till September before they can purchase it for $722.

The company didn't specify where the watch will be released.

Vea Sportive watch

(Source: Crave Asia)