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Call for requests--Jasmine's Tech Dos & Don'ts

Get schooled by CNET editor Jasmine France. This week she turns the tables and asks readers for advice. Namely, what topic should the next Dos & Don'ts column feature?

Today marks the 20th weekiversary of this Dos & Don'ts column, and I'm finding it hard to believe that I've really been churning these things out since March. That, or maybe I'm just fresh out of ideas--the horror! Actually, I have so many rattling around in my brain that it has become exceedingly difficult to actually choose one and stick to it for a handful of paragraphs. This is precisely why I'm passing the buck this week and letting the rest of you decide on the topic, which will be addressed next Thursday.

I've compiled this handy poll to gauge your interest in a variety of topics that have come to my attention over the past several weeks. Of course, if none of the ideas listed at left tickles your fancy, I invite you to post your own suggestions in the comment section. In return for your efforts, I pledge to write about whichever poll item is trending ahead by Wednesday afternoon OR the original idea with the most "likes" below. (Hey, I've got to retain some creative control, right?) Until next week, enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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