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Caldera offers NetWare for Linux

NetWare for Linux 1.0 will let Linux-based servers host NetWare file, print, and directory services and share data with its servers.

Caldera is bringing NetWare services to the increasingly popular Linux operating system.

The company today announced NetWare for Linux 1.0, which lets Linux-based servers host NetWare file, print, and directory services, and share data with Novell NetWare-based servers.

The software is loaded onto an existing Linux-based server and mimics NetWare's basic functions. A three-user version of NetWare for Linux can be downloaded for free from Caldera's Web site.

Caldera said the software lets companies host NetWare file and print, NetWare Directory Services, and Unix-based applications on a single server. It can also forward NetWare print jobs to Linux-hosted printers.

The software is compatible with NetWare 4.10b and NetWare clients for Windows 95, Windows 3.1, DOS, Linux, Macintosh, and UnixWare.

Additional user licenses are also available. One additional user license is $95, five licenses cost $450, 25 are priced at $1,875, and 50 additional user licenses sell for $2,750.

Caldera said a $59 CD-ROM containing NetWare for Linux, NetWare utilities, and OpenLinux Lite 1.2 will ship by mid-August.

Linux is quickly making the transformation from a little-known, community developed operating system, to a viable alternative OS for large companies. In the past months, Netscape Communications, Oracle, Informix Software, and other companies have stated that they will port their flagship products to the OS.