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Cabletron's mixed bag

Although the networking equipment maker grabs an investment from Compaq, it also loses a key reselling pact with the giant PC manufacturer.


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Struggling Cabletron takes the good with the bad. Although the networking equipment maker grabbed an investment from Compaq, it also lost a key reselling pact with the giant PC manufacturer.

"The money will still come in. We see flatish results for a couple of quarters, but we see 'upside' opportunities."

- Romulus Pereira, Cabletron chief operating officer


Bottom line of Cabletron's reworked Compaq deal uncertain
The giant PC manufacturer says it will make an equity investment in Cabletron's Spectrum software unit, but the struggling networking equipment maker agrees to cancel a reselling agreement.

Cabletron beats expectations amid tough competition
The computer networking equipment provider says its fiscal second-quarter profit doubled, though sales of older products slipped. Revenue for the quarter fell.

Cabletron looks to rebuild, but considers buyout
Cabletron's new chief executive believes the embattled networking firm can rebound by returning to its technology roots. But analysts think that strategy has come a little too late.

Cabletron looks to let Spectrum loose
Cabletron Systems is hoping its new software business will become the new darling of Wall Street--and in turn, help reverse the fortunes of the once high-flying networking hardware maker.

Cabletron targets high-end networking
Cabletron lays out plans to deliver for testing by the end of 1999 a high-end routing device that can handle a variety of communications technologies.