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'CableRobot' combines VR simulations and precision motion (Tomorrow Daily 249)

Ashley checks out a parallel cable robot using VR to offer incredible virtual experiences, enjoys watching five men control a single shark balloon with their minds and explains how gels might help scientists 3D print complicated biological structures.

Tuesday is upon us, and it's time for another mini-episode of Tomorrow Daily. We're still working hard on the set, but don't worry; we'll keep making these tiny TDs until we're ready to spin back up with new co-host Jeff Cannata.

On today's show, we're discussing a heavy-duty parallel cable robot setup that includes a platform for a passenger to ride on. Not only can they experience a ride by a CableRobot, they can pair up the build with a VR headset and motion sensors for some serious simulations.

There's also the story of a man who modded out a remote-controlled shark balloon to accept controls from his mind -- specifically the signal his mind produces when he closes his eyes. He's only able to move the balloon in one direction, though, so he set up four of his friends and gave each of them a direction so they could all pilot the same balloon at the same time with their thoughts.

Last, researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesville believe they've figured out a way to assist 3D printers in creating complicated, delicate biological structures. Usually, they're so small and thin they collapse, but the team discovered printing the objects inside a block of soft gel keeps the paper-thin organs intact.

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249: 'CableRobot' combines VR simulations and precision motion

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